Jane Doe v. Brian Warner

Jane Doe filed a lawsuit on May 28, 2021 against Marilyn Manson. Lawsuit originally dismissed, but amended in timeframe. Trial is currently set for Fall 2023.

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Legal Filings

Below are legal filings ordered by oldest to newest. Go to “Click Here” to automatically download the legal filings in a PDF format.

NOTE: not all filings may be uploaded yet. This list will continuously updated.

Doc No.DateDescriptionDownload
15/28/2021Civil Case Cover SheetClick Here
25/28/2021Notice of Case Assignment - Unlimited Civil CaseClick Here
35/28/2021ComplaintClick Here
45/28/2021Summons (on Complaint)Click Here
56/8/2021Notice and Acknowledgment of ReceiptClick Here
66/8/2021Notice of Posting of Jury FeesClick Here
76/10/2021Notice of Case Management ConferenceClick Here
88/2/2021Request for Judicial NoticeClick Here
98/2/2021Declaration of John G. Snow in Support of DemurrerClick Here
108/2/2021Demurrer - without Motion to StrikeClick Here
118/26/2021Case Management StatementClick Here
128/31/2021Opposition (to Defendant's Demurrer)Click Here
139/7/2021Answer Click Here
149/7/2021Reply (Defendant Brian Warner's Reply in Support of Demurrer to Plaintiff's Complaint)Click Here
159/9/2021Case Management StatementClick Here
169/13/2021Application to be Admitted Pro Hac Vice (of Gavin E. Rush)Click Here
179/13/2021 Declaration (of Gavin E. Rush)Click Here
189/14/2021Minute Order (Hearing on Demurrer - without Motion to Strike)Click Here
199/14/2021Notice of Ruling (Ruling Re Defendant Brian Warner's Demurrer to the Complaint)Click Here
209/14/2021Order Appointing Court Approved Reporter as Official Reporter Pro TemporeClick Here
219/23/2021First Amended ComplaintClick Here
2210/13/2021Order Granting Application for Admission Pro Hac ViceClick Here
2310/13/2021 Minute Order (Hearing on Motion to be Admitted Pro Hac Vice)Click Here
2410/13/2021Notice of Ruling (Ruling Re Plaintiff Jane Doe's Application for Gavin E. Rush to be Admitted Pro Hac Vice)Click Here
2510/15/2021Notice Re: Continuance of Hearing and OrderClick Here
2610/15/2021Notice (of Entry of Order)Click Here
2710/21/2021Notice of Posting of Jury FeesClick Here
2810/22/2021Notice (Notice of Continued Case Management Conference)Click Here
2910/25/2021AnswerClick Here
3011/2/2021Case Management StatementClick Here
3111/2/2021Case Management StatementClick Here
3211/9/2021Notice Re: Continuance of Hearing and OrderClick Here
3311/19/2021 Minute Order ( (Case Management Conference)Click Here
3411/19/2021Case Management OrderClick Here
3512/16/2021Stipulation and Order (Stipulation and Protective Order)Click Here
368/31/2022Declaration of Tracey B. Cowan in Support of Informal Discovery Conference BriefClick Here
378/31/2022Informal Discovery Conference (Brief)Click Here
388/31/2022Notice of LodgingClick Here
399/2/2022Minute Order ( (Informal Discovery Conference (IDC))Click Here
4011/4/2022Notice of LodgingClick Here
4111/16/2022Notice of LodgingClick Here
4211/17/2022Notice of MotionClick Here
4311/21/2022Notice of LodgingClick Here
4412/1/2022 Minute Order (Hearing on Motion for Protective Order)Click Here
4512/1/2022Ruling Re: Plaintiff Jane Doe's Motion to Enforce Protective OrderClick Here
4611/18/2022Stipulation and Order (Joint Stipulation to Amend Protective Order)Click Here